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supply general purpose silver cloth tape

Nashua 2280 Multi-Purpose Duct Tape is a polyethylene-coated cloth tape with a natural rubber adhesive. The tape is used for temporary holding & bonding, bundling, sealing, patching, for closing & reinforcing packaging and for temporary repairs.

Nashua 2280 Duct Tape,48mm x 55m,9 Mil,brown

1Pcs 20M Heat-resistant Flame Retardant Tape Coroplast Adhesive Cloth Tape for Car Cable Harness Wiring Width 9/15/19/25/32mm - AliExpress

50% stronger than most cloth tapes Suitable for 1000's of repairs around the home, garden at work or at leisure Waterproof (but not suitable for total

Duck Ultimate Cloth Tape Clear 50mm x 20m. The ultimate high strength waterproof gaffer and duct adhesive cloth repair tape

Supplies - Tapes and Adhesives - Cloth & Duct Tape - Crown Packaging Corp.

Duck Professional Grade 3/4 in. W X 66 ft. L White Vinyl Electrical Tape - Ace Hardware

Duck Brand Heavy-Duty Electrical Tape

Need to fix something fast while keeping the repair out of sight? Duck Brand brings to you a Duct Tape which offers a discreet and affordable solution to everyday repairs around the home, worksite, and office. Use the duct tape to seal cracked containers, protect surfaces discreetly, or waterproof an indoor or outdoor DIY project. The duct tape applies clear, making it perfect for laminating materials or other flat items for additional protection.

Duck Transparent Duct Tape

0,15x19mm yellow-green electrical tape in 20m coil - Cablematic

Glass Fiber Cloth Aluminum Foil Tape (5.9Mil Thick), High Temperature Insulation Adhesive Metal Duct Tape,1 Pack - AliExpress

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Bear 66623324545 18mm X 20m Insulation Electrical Tape - White

SHURTAPE PC609 Performance Grade Co-Extruded Cloth Duct Tape – MercoTape